Belltown’s Promising New Natural Wine Bar Opens Today

“This wouldn’t be an Elford-owned bar without cocktails, which Vinnie’s has covered, too..”



What, exactly, is ‘natural’ wine?

“It’s no surprise the new wave of cool wine bars is dedicated to just this old-school style of winemaking”

Seattle Times


Bigger Isn’t Better With Seattle’s Newest Restaurants

“It’s the kind of playful niche idea that Seattle has seen a lot less of in the past few years, as real estate prices skyrocketed and the labor market dried up. For a long time, that double whammy seemed to keep restaurateurs playing it safe with proven concepts and well-established spaces. But perhaps with the right spot, the time has come for the city’s culinary professionals to innovate their way into better—but not bigger—restaurants.”




Highly Anticipated New Belltown Bar

"Natural Wine and Chill Northwest Vibes. Good wine with an environmentally conscious emphasis. Local seafood."



How to Pair Natural Wine with Seafood

“They prefer the term "real wine," meaning that it’s honest and fun, with minimal intervention. But you won’t find them fussing over how much skin contact a wine has, or if it meets any exacting standards of biodynamic growing.

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Vinnie’s, Wow!

“Tears are rolling from my eyes! It’s a big honor! I have no words to describe the love I feel. I am soooooo proud of you Anu and Chris. It is all your hard work, goals and planning and the love and hospitality your customers feel. I wish you the best of luck. I send all of positivity, luck and all good vibes to you. Hoping my name will bring you prosperity and honor and lots of customers will come in and enjoy. Anu and Chris, thank you from the bottom of my heart. What a great thing to do!! ”

Actual text from Vinnie to Anu